Are you a business owner or sales manager who is frustrated with your CRM?

The Mount Arbor Fast Start Program is a 60-day CRM training program that will teach you how to use HubSpot CRM and other tools in order to boost your sales. This program is perfect for anyone who wants to get started with HubSpot or needs help getting their CRM up and running quickly. It's also a perfect place to start if you've tried and failed on your own...

The Symptoms of an imperfect sales system

  • Your teams are overlapping on tasks and activities, confusing your customers and making it harder to sell
  • Marketing and Sales teams are doing the same things twice, over and over again....
  • You've worked your branding and messaging to death ... but still, your sales people don't seem to get how to sell your products, your value, your way...
  • You need a Sales Playbook to make it easier to train new hires, and keep everyone on the team on track...
  • You're spending an annoying amount of time in sales meetings trawling through the CRM for leads....
  • Your sales team have an excuse for every time they don't follow up with a lead...
The Fast Start Program from Mount Arbor: You’ll learn the basics of marketing, lead generation, and prospecting as well as advanced skills like forecasting, pipeline management, and territory planning.
This is the first CRM Implementation Program that incorporates Messaging and Positioning and Sales Enablement as part of your sales process:
"We realised I could deliver a whole lot more impact with CRM Implementation on HubSpot if I was able to guide motivated business owners through the process we've been using to build successful sales systems over the past few years. This is the result. An intensive, focused programme that calls for 'all-hands-on-deck' that gets your CRM organised and your whole team
focused on sales." -

Andrew McAvinchey, CEO of Mount Arbor


In 2 - 3 months, we will bring you and your team through the toughest CRM Implementation you've ever experienced! It'll be all hands on deck. At the end of 30-60 days, you will have completed a 6 step process that will remove any confusion about where you get leads, where they go next and who and when they should close. You'll have the perfect foundation for growth and time to execute on the things you've been dying to do  - branding, messaging, customer experience - all the ideas that matter. And of course... SALES!


This program is delivered over the course of 2-3 months in the form of a blended training program
and project management plan.

With our help, we guarantee that by day 60 of this program, your sales reps will have mastered their new CRM system and be able to use it with ease. They'll also know what metrics matter most so they can track progress and success at every level. This means better customer service as well as increased revenue for your business!

We will provide you with everything you need to get this done.
Lead Management
Work on your sales process, lead assignment and rotation, Deal Stages and default fields in the CRM.
Sales Enablement and Automation:
Automate core rep and process tasks with Workflows.
Lead Management:
Allocate inbound leads to the right people for immediate follow up so none get lost.
Performance Measurement:
Create reports for revenue forecasting and actuals reporting.
Sales Playbook:
In this phase, your sales system has been established in HubSpot and now it's all about scaling.
Bonus: Account Based
Video Selling:
Learn how to use video in your sales process so you can sell remotely to B2B buyers


Buyer Journey Workshop:
To understand your customer
Sales Process Workshop:
To understand the way you sell
Sales Playbook Workshop
To train your team how to sell