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Mount Arbor and Twenty Three Webinar: How to Use Video in Sales

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Personal™ from Twenty Three is a brand new personal video platform that you can use to share and connect with people over video. Collaboration tools allow your team to create videos together and divide tasks in the production process, by providing all the tools you need to record, edit, send and collaborate on personal videos.


Get in touch if you'd like access to Personal and our quick start package for getting your sales team up and running with personalised video in a couple of weeks.


Prospecting with personalised sales videos

Initially it's hard to understand 1:1 video as opposed to something you'd put on Youtube for distribution. Personal videos sit in your own environment, not on a third party site. You can therefore share these videos instead of emails, and not have to worry about privacy or branding issues.


The more real you are on these sales focused videos the better. Being up front and real is the best way, since people are looking for that up front connection. High production values can sometimes alienate an audience - because it's obvious it wasn't made for them.


We're looking for ways to replace that vital aspect of meeting people in person, especially in B2B sales. Marketing people are working hard to build brand awareness, so ultimately as a salesperson you want to break through as quickly as possible into a personal, one-to-one conversation with the customer.


Some of the challenges you can face when asking sales people to change the way they sell is to make it as easy as possible for them to use the tools. One of the reasons to use Personal is that it's literally just 3 clicks to record and send a video to a prospect.


When remote selling is so important, video can be used in the sales process to unlock doors in B2B sales processes. Figuring out how to access decision makers without getting on a flight can be difficult, so video is now an essential tool for our clients to do that.


At Mount Arbor we were able to experiment in our outreach and to find the best and most effective ways to approach prospects over video.


We use Sales Hub from HubSpot to deliver sales messages to target lists of prospects. We enrol them in a sequence, which means you're not just sending one email, you've got a bunch of activities where you're consistently trying to reach out to prospects over time. This avoids the problem of 'send and forget' in sales.


With Personal, we can record our video messages and then past the 'link and thumbnail' gif or link into the email itself. This creates a very personalised experience. It also makes it much quicker to get stuff out the door after researching a prospect. Doing this directly inside an email using video has led to us cutting through the noise to get clicks and people actually reading our emails and watching our videos.

Mount Arbor has seen higher performance in videos specifically made for each individual rather than generic videos made for a wider audience. The difference is remarkable - we see 40%+ increase in views and up to 30% clickthroughs when we make a video specifically for an individual, with personalised content included especially for them. While this requires a little extra effort, it's worth it. And with the right tool and workflow it is possible to produce 100s of these personal videos in your prospecting process.


Bottom of the funnel personalised videos

You can also use personalised videos further down the funnel. For example, Mount Arbor clients can use video in proposals, which is a really useful way to walk people through a proposal, leading to higher close rates.

Sales demos can be personalised too, meaning each customer can be given a video demo that is specifically tailored to their business.


Andrew McAvinchey, CEO of Mount Arbor, joined Twenty Three for a webinar to talk about how he has been using Twenty Three Personal™ in the sales process to enable sales teams to get access to key stakeholders in account based marketing and sales.

  • Andrew McAvinchey, Managing Director of Mount Arbor, shares how he uses Personal for creating and sending video for account based sales.
  • Tip of the week - Daniel Bakh, Product Evangelist at TwentyThree shares lesser known features to optimize your Personal video experience  
  • The latest product updates to Personal Preview from Sarper Erel, Head of Product at TwentyThree

What is Getting Personal?

Getting Personal is a webinar series for Personal users where you’ll learn tips and tricks from real users about using personal videos, how we can stand out from the crowd and build human relationships with customers and peers.

What is TwentyThree?

TwentyThree has rethought the online video workflow from the ground up and is passionate about helping businesses to succeed in video marketing.

You can watch the full recording here.