THe mount Arbor Team

Mount Arbor is a Small, Agile Consulting Firm that delivers and implements strategic marketing programs for B2B clients.

Our team are the very best at what they do, so we not only recommend the best strategy, but get it done. Excellently.

We are supported by an exclusive partnership with a world-class digital marketing agency, a panel of trusted partners, and artificial intelligence software, so we can handle any project.

We are solely focused on launches customised for your business, with the personal attention and care that entails.

Andrew McAvinchey
CEO and Co-Founder

Andrew is an experienced business consultant and international expert in launching new projects, helping to build and launch companies, tech products and optimise customer experiences — often culminating in 8/9 figure success stories. With his digital strategies and innovations, he identifies critical opportunities and creates the right platforms for businesses to realise their visions. He provides strategic thinking, tactical problem-solving capabilities and quick wins through collaboration with Sales, Marketing or Customer Success teams.

Eva Lennox
CFO and Co-Founder

Eva's impressive command of project management, account management, and client success allows her to keep the complex projects under control while also driving growth. She is adept at managing financial risks and ensuring that every venture undertaken by Mount Arbor yields a positive result. Eva provides strategic insights, tactical problem-solving capabilities, and quick wins with unparalleled efficiency for our clients.

Nicu Enache

Nicu is a growth-focused revenue operations specialist at Mount Arbor. He builds and manages state-of-the-art revenue operations machines on HubSpot CRM, helping businesses of all sizes to skyrocket. Through his unparalleled understanding of process optimisation, Nicu is able to uncover previously unnoticed revenue opportunities that have enabled companies to break through sales barriers and reach new heights of success. His expertise in data analysis, customer retention strategies and pricing optimisation has been pivotal in driving sustainable growth for many of our clients

Megan Clancy

Megan is Mount Arbor's Chief Designer and a creative powerhouse. Her remarkable ability to interpret complex ideas into simple, understandable imagery has helped clients break through communication obstacles, enabling them to properly convey their core value so people can really understand it. Megan is also an incredible illustrator and artist, able to bring her clients' visions to life with her breathtaking works of art. She has a knack for strategic thinking, so she always finds the best way to spin concepts in order to appeal more powerfully to the target audience. With her help, brands have been able to reach new levels of success through visually stunning yet meaningful designs.


To bring people's stories to light so their true vision can flow.

Our Values Are:
Ahimsa ('Do No Harm')